Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Evening...

So tonight there are two famous journalists, Beppe Severgnini and another (oops...forgot the name) who are having a lecture forum thing about these books they have written. Beppe is a Corriere della Sera writer, and is relatively well known in the US as well (according to Prof. Francesco). Hopefully I will get to go!
In other news, I ate too much pasta today, as cliche as it sounds, and now I have to go buy salad for fear of exploding if I eat anything else remotely like pasta. Did I also mention that I drink coffee now? uh oh....

Tonight at 9 is the Devil Wears Prada in italian, which obviously me and the roomates are going to watch together. Whilst eating salad :-)

IN CASE anybody wants my address, here it is before i forget:

Chloe Greppi
Umbra Institute
Via Bartolo, 16
Perugia 06122

bisous a tous!

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