Saturday, January 24, 2009


I hate technology, and I hate microphones. The Skype microphone doesn't work which is why I can't call anybody because I will hear you but you will not hear me (add me if you haven't!).
So I hate technology.
Today we went to the open air mercato again, and I bought two scarves, which I obviously don't need. But they were so pretty! Its a rainy day today, and tonight my roomate Sara and I are going to make dinner and maybe watch a movie. A relaxing day because last night we had friends over for dinner, and then we went to a bar which was having a rock I said, I missed AC/DC.
I have almost all my pictures posted up! I will update when they are all done.
I will leave you with pictures from after mercato...when the umbrella broke with the pouring rain :-(

gabby and I. we were more amused then mad.

and a little twirl!

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