Wednesday, January 21, 2009


so today my roomate gabrielle and i went to the center for 'young people' services in perugia, and got: a 'young person' ID card which gives us discounts to everything under the sun, a free internet ID card with password, a huge map, a book of places we can get discounts, the entire bus schedule, an agenda, doctor jekyll and mr. hyde in italian, and a list of where and what to do in and around perugia. needless to say- i have A LOT of reading to do now.

Today in class we discussed marriage, which was interesting because we got to share our different perspectives. i thought that marriage has become less of a necessity, because now both men and women can be easily independent, at least more easily than in the past. but according to people from other places (azerbidjian, germany and greece) it is still something that is expected. i know that in france people don't necessarily get married, and i know that in the US it happens differently depending on region. It was interesting, definitely.

Afterwards, before coming here, we went to a bar (its official guys- i drink coffee now. goodbye chai, hello espresso!!!) and the girl there, Flavia, chatted us up and invited us to an italian dinner she was planning on having. it is so easy to meet people here, and there isn't a stigma against foreigners (after all-this is a city of foreigners). on saturday our roomate Donatella invited us to dinner with her boyfriend Francesco and their five other friends. we went to a flinstones themed restaurant (no joke-ill show pictures) and it was amazing. they were so nice, we chatted about everything, from what italians think of americans (they think that the world sees italians badly because of their government....haha), to these two guys who want to go to miami (we told them they'd be popular-but to leave the speedo at home).

Sunday we took a tour to a fattoria, where the farm is run by family, and we made pasta (and then ate it). i'll post pictures of that too. Friday was a big exploration day, we (my american roomates sarah and gabby) took a TON of pictures.
that is the last couple days in a nutshell, monday was school as per usual (4 hours) and yesterday was school (7 hours..sadness) i will post up a couple pictures right now of Perugia, and the past couple days and soon hopefully, i'll have all my pictures posted up on (i'll send a real address once it happens)

ciao ciao!

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