Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Medieval and Indian goodness

Today was the first sunny day in a few days, so after class, thanks to an extended break (cancelled letteratura!!) I walked around basically in the streets and areas in our apartments 'backyard' and discovered some really beautiful houses, huge backyards, forests and even a castle. Up a little farther was the round church that Perugia is also famous for. Gabby and I went inside and...you could smell the history of it. It is one of those structures that has remained completely unchanged since it was built (1500's or so) and inside smells like damp, cool, medieval rocky smell that none of Perugia's other churches have smelled like so far. Its very intense to walk into something so old. Right in front of it is a pretty little lawn with stone benches, and if you walk down the path you join Corso Garibaldi, which when you walk down leads you right to my school!
It's insane that people live in constant view of this church. I mean...we have the minutemen. Which are great and all, but they ain't no jousting knights!
I will post many pictures tomorrow.

In other, equally as important news: tonight I am going to eat at an Indian restaurant which serves....buffet. A buffet of Indian food which, for those of you who know me, will result in massive amounts of ingested food following a day of purposely saving space for this feast. As my friend Elisabetta put it "Oh I miss ethnic food". Pasta/pizza/gnocchi/bread is amazing, no doubt about it, but we crave curry.



  1. So how much of it did you really eat? Did they serve gnocchi in the curry? Or meatballs with the naan?

  2. oh my goodness....travesty. read my new entry.