Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last post...

Strange as it is, but this may be my last post.
Obviously, no post length can accurately describe how the past four months have been. To borrow from Gabby, this experience was everything and nothing like how I thought it was going to be.

I hadn't set any certain goals for myself before leaving, but I can think of a bunch I have completed.
-I was able to immerse myself (probably could have done even more) in a foreign culture
-I learned to think like the people I lived with
-I experienced the country and the culture in the best way possible, and traveled
-Wandered beyond my comfort zone in a million different ways
-Met people that I know I will remain in touch with for years and years

There are others I'm probably forgetting, and there are probably mistakes and errors I made that somehow changed my experience. But all things considered, this has been one of the most jam packed 4 months of my life, hands down.

It's weird to think that in less than 48 hours, I will be on a plane to return home, yet will probably feel like a stranger in my own country at first.
To be honest, I am a little scared to come back. Not because I don't want to, but because I have really lived in Perugia, and because of this, it feels a little like leaving my home. It will be strange not to have Sara to share a room and a late night conversation with, to find Caitlin to discuss the finer points of Scrubs and the Office but to also have a life chat with, to count on Gabby to meet me whenever and wherever for a cafe and a discussion of the amazingness of where we are.

So I bid you a final ciao, I may add some final photos tomorrow of the last week and half. But in case I don't, I have to say that I enjoyed having this blog a lot, definitely an outlet and a way to show all the pictures and amazing people I've been able to spend this time with.

A presto....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ravenna, land of mosaics

Driving through Le Marche and up to Emiliana-Romagna!

Delicious lunch in the main piazza.

Courtyard of the main church...will get back about the names.

Absolutely stunning. the pictures don't do it justice in the least.

The colors are just that vibrant. Insane!

They still had time to make a huge fresco on the ceiling after the enormous mosaics..
Those crazy Byzantines!

The mausoleum...and on the inside:

A thousand mosaic stars!

When you walk in, you have to adjust your eyes and the ceiling actually glitters just like in this picture!

A Ravennese cat!

Underwater...something? Perhaps used to be a mausoleum, and then now filled with water with fishies!

Dante Alighieri's tomb! He was exiled from Firenze, and then came to Ravenna.

And because the Fiorentines felt guilty, they still pay for the oil that supplies the eternal flame at Dante's tomb.

More mosaic..

Famous mosaic, with at the top the 'hand of God' poking out of the sky.

Roma...vuoi sposarmi?

The street by our hostel!

Piazza della Repubblica! (with another stolen Egyptian column)


The beautiful, beautiful forum of Rome. Where I want to live. Forever.

My new home!

Colosseo. Ah. Amazing.

Roman Holiday!

I will never get over the palm trees in this country.

Sun starting to set..

Palm tree and St. Peter's Basilica!

A swiss guard...what amazing outfits :-)

Our breakfast nook!!

Piazza Navona...and a column that the Romans stole from the Egyptians...oops.

My only stalker picture of the trip!

The market!!

Spices, spices and SPICES!!

An old ruins area which is used as a shelter for abandoned cats...literally, there were TONS of them.