Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ravenna, land of mosaics

Driving through Le Marche and up to Emiliana-Romagna!

Delicious lunch in the main piazza.

Courtyard of the main church...will get back about the names.

Absolutely stunning. the pictures don't do it justice in the least.

The colors are just that vibrant. Insane!

They still had time to make a huge fresco on the ceiling after the enormous mosaics..
Those crazy Byzantines!

The mausoleum...and on the inside:

A thousand mosaic stars!

When you walk in, you have to adjust your eyes and the ceiling actually glitters just like in this picture!

A Ravennese cat!

Underwater...something? Perhaps used to be a mausoleum, and then now filled with water with fishies!

Dante Alighieri's tomb! He was exiled from Firenze, and then came to Ravenna.

And because the Fiorentines felt guilty, they still pay for the oil that supplies the eternal flame at Dante's tomb.

More mosaic..

Famous mosaic, with at the top the 'hand of God' poking out of the sky.

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