Sunday, April 19, 2009

Avventure Romane

Finally! Some real Romans!!

Colosseo! Where they kept the fighters and the animals and everything. So much history...its staggering how much history you're in the presence of.

The FORUM!!!!

My macro masterpiece. Colosseo in the background!!

"I love you from the end of the earth...once again here...for eternity".

People just relaxing on a beautiful Sunday in Roma.

Flowers and Italy.

Can you believe this is Roma!?!?

Trastevere region (the area that the North End was modeled after)


Beautiful street in Trastevere.

Jocelyn, wanting to have it on record that she had ice cream in the Pope's front yard.


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  1. Amazing pictures, you have a very artistic eye for them. I still remember when i passed my camera to you in Gubbio when your's ran out of batteries so you could take some shots. I had this feeling you had a good eye for pictures!

    (BTW, the swiss guard's outfit resembles my socks... but mine are cooler)
    mi manchi! ci sentiamo presssstttooo!