Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lecce: the legend continues but is coming to an end...

Our last evening wandering around (killing time before our 10:30 pm overnight train)

This amazing fagottino (my own personal culinary adventure): pizza dough basically with tomato, cheese, spices....

Our beautiful street and door at night...we were sad (heartbroken really) to leave.

My could-be-better panorama. Greece see?! White washed buildings and water and boats..

Our delicious Otranto lunch, with CALAMARI!!! (culinary adventure number five)

Otranto bay!

Me and Monica in the Adriatic!!

Beautiful Adriatic waves..

Goodbye Lecce!

Monica! Starved...and made her pose despite it.


Pretty flowers

The coast, rocky and then becomes full blown cliffs (like the Amalfi! said an Otranto citizen..)

Me and Monica :-)

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