Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long time no post!

So I may have been neglecting my blog..but the good news is that I have ceased to procrastinate, and I have many wonderful things to write about.
Here is a piccolo list of things I will be writing about in the coming 24 hours (hopefully):
-vacation to Lecce with Monica
-weekend in Roma with Jocelyn
-day trip to Spoleto with Gabby, Justyna and Arek
-final class dinner
-saying goodbye to all the Erasmus students
-visits from people
-spring finally arriving!
-horseback riding by Lago Trasimeno

Although in my computer charger died, and it took two weeks to receive the new one which meant that I couldn't get my pictures from my camera to my computer...maybe not a completely good excuse but that's all I have :-(

But its all over!
Sidenote: if you have neighborhood food drives or Red Cross type funds for the earthquake in Abruzzo, please donate! The Italian government is being a little shady about the outside help they will accept (if any) but hopefully if there are funds they will take it!

More soon. Promise!
A presto!!

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