Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lecce: the neighboring towns strike back

Main street again!

Culinary adventure number three: Arancini. Delicious balls of rice with tomato sauce and cheese and ham on the inside, breaded and fried. Yummmmmm.

View from the train on the way to Otranto!

The beach front walk in Otranto!

The clear. So pretty.

The secret ampitheatre of Lecce!

Another Lecce church facade.

Fields on the way to Gallipoli!

Piazza in front of the Gallipoli train station.

The harbor, all the fishermen were back with their daily catches. Oh how I have missed seafood...

Our bench in a Lecce park where we sat and took in the sun and summer-y weather. Everybody was still wearing winter jackets and scarves...crazy!!

More park.

Antique market, they had everything from jewelry to furniture to old postcards from the '30s!

Lecce-an balcony!

Lecce ampitheatre, take 2!

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