Thursday, March 5, 2009

The last couple dias.

Since last update...last week was it? Nothing terribly new, just enjoying being back in Perugia and enjoying the city. Last week was gorgeous weather, and on Saturday I took Justyna and Roberto to the open air market a little ways outside of Perugia. Afterwards we met Monica, Amanda and Gabby and bought tiramisu (which, I realized yesterday, literally means 'pick me up') and ate it on the duomo steps. it was so warm, almost t-shirt weather! We then went to the round church that has a lawn in the front, and lounged around and did nothing for hours, under the sun. It was perfect.
That night we went to Urban, a discoteca that was having a sort of band night, where we listened to three different groups play rock type stuff. I loved it, it was a welcomed change, since usually they only play techno in discotecas (which is nice too..but sometimes enough is enough). Sunday was a quiet and rainy day, spent lounging around, studying and doing homework. This week is Roberto's last week, so we're spending a lot of time with him. Yesterday we went to his chorus concert, where a lot of other of our classmates were singing. It was soooooo good, we never wanted it to be over! They sang Amazing Grace, but also songs by Puccini, as well as three songs from les choristes, 'cerf volant' 'vois sur ton chemin' and another. They sounded so good, and everybody got flowers at the end.
Afterwards we went to Dal Mi' Cocco, a typical Perugian restaurant with a fixed menu. Tons and tons of food, I can't even describe. It was delicious though, tonight we're having dinner together and then singing karaoke. Haha, it will be awesome. Also very sad, because our little group gets a long so well, and with Roberto's like the child is leaving to go off on his own, we all felt like the family going to watch their first grader sing last night! All in a loving way of course.
This weekend is also going to be a quiet one most likely, tomorrow Caitlin and I will go to a museum and then dinner while Gabby and Sara go skiing.
Here are some pictures!!
Lounging around.


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