Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mass, Amelie and Cafe

So last night Sara and I stayed in because we were so tired, and had a quiet night watching superman in italian and trying to figure out what we wanted to do for the next four months. Today we're sitting down with the roomies and making a huge gameplan for the next four months. Full, FULL weekends. At the carta giovane center we got tons of literature on what to do, and we will never have to leave perugia cuz there is so much to do (but we will anyways). Next week we plan to go to Assisi, which is a beautiful city with tons of gorgeous churches, and then we want to go to Deruta which is known for their pottery.

Anyways more about today. This morning Gabby, Sara and I woke up to go to mass in the main Duomo, which was really nice and of course filled with people. The service was all in italian which made it even more enjoyable. It was a gorgeous day out, so we walked around for a bit longer. Now in Perugia, there is a guy who plays the accordion almost every day (he's one of many 'characters' of Perugia). Now, he is Italian (I think) but teaches at the conservatory, and is one of those multi-talented people who has travelled the world and makes what you have done seem so small. But, thats not even the best part. The best part is that he plays the entire soundtrack of Amelie, and apparently- he helped Yann Tiersen on the music. Which is incredible, and there is nothing better than walking down Corso Vannucci on a quiet Sunday afternoon listening to Amelie.
After listening to him for a little while, we stopped this couple that had just been talking to him. They had just asked him to play for Attilio's (that was the man) festa that he was having. After talking to him for a while, we found out he was from Le Marche, the region that borders Umbria to the east. He was telling us about how beautiful it is, and which towns we need to visit (note to self: Aspelo and San Ginesio). So that is definitely one of the many places we need to go to.
Potential plans for the future include: a visit to the Umbra and/or Tuscany hot springs, a bike ride through Tuscany, hiking in and around the mountains of Perugia, a day trip to Firenze (assuming they don't decide to strike, which they did on friday from 9am to 5pm.), Assisi, Deruta, more Perugia fun and now a trip to Le Marche, among others. It seems like every day we discover new places and things to do.
After talking with the couple we went for a cafe at "Bar Medioevo", which is a bar tucked away which on the outside looks small, but inside has nooks and a slightly vaulted ceiling. A perfect italian Sunday!
Later, we are going to do some homework, plan out a couple trips and then maybe see a movie with Donatella.
A presto!

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