Monday, January 26, 2009

For Italian Eyes Only...

this is the saga of Mistah M, also known as Marco from UniCredit Banca in Perugia, and myself.
it all started about a week and half ago, when I walked into the bank saying that I would like to open an account. sure, he says, you need a codisce fiscale.
A what? Obviously, I didn't have one, but he showed me on a map where to go, to the Agenzie delle Entrate, which would give me a codisce fiscale (something kind of like a social security number). So Monday a week ago, I go to this Agenzie (which mind you, is halfway down the MiniMetro line), and after a billion years of trying to understand this building/maze, I get to the secretary and say, I need a codisce fiscale for a bank account. She hands me a form I need to fill out, and says that I need to ask my landlord (?!?) for a Cession di Fabbrica, which I suppose is like a proof of residence (or something...). Obviously, I was annoyed, but I go back to the Umbra Institute to use the computers and ask if they know what it is. The housing lady says that she does, and she's sending paperwork in and that once its complete she will ask the landlord to send me a copy of it. "Come back in a couple of days". Yeah....right.
So I go online later, to look up this codisce fiscale, and I find a website that generates one for you. I fill out the information, and I get one. I was a little suspicious, so I fill out a new one with a fake name etc, and it can't generate one. Allright, so it's maybe a real one. I ask the housing lady if this is what some codisce's look like, and she says sure, why not.
Well, I wasn't sure, so later last week I come back to get my cessione di fabbrica, only to find out that it won't be complete because they are missing a copy of one of my roomate's passports (even though they had been in position of either her american one or her italian one for the entirety of the three weeks we'd been here). So I'd have to wait a little longer. Well, I decided I was not going to, so last friday I walk into the bank and Marco asks me if I got the codisce. I say yes, and show him my printout, which looks less than official. After some convincing on my part, he skeptically accepts it, and says to come back Monday morning because there will be more people working at the bank, and we'll do it then.
So this brings us to today, where I walk in, all ready to go. I hand him my information, he copies it, and then he asks me to follow him. We walk through a door, down a corridor, into this back room that looked a little like an interrogation room. I sit down, and he starts fiddling with the computer, filling out information and numbers and whatnot. I'm holding my breath because lord knows that all of a sudden something is going to happen.
But nothing does. He fills out the account information, the passport information, address, phone number etc. He clicks to confirm, and BAM. ERRORE. In bright red. He goes back, and re-submits. ERRORE. He goes back, re-submits. No dice. So he goes back and re-fills ALL of it. It finally works, and prints. Marco then has to go back and confirm some personal information, among them....the codisce fiscale. he clicks to submit, and my heart stops-!!!!!ERRORE-CODISCE FISCALE. those exclamation points are so unholy. so i say " it saying the codisce is false?" and he says "well maybe. it might be because your middle name wasn't in the codisce". So he deletes my middle name from the ID part, and sure enough, it works. I could breath.
Now that it's all done, he goes to pick up all the paperwork that I need to sign.
NONE OF IT PRINTED. so it's back to the forms, and re-printing. 15 minutes, two computer freezes and one restart later, I walk out of the bank with my brand new card, a spring in my step, and in desperate need of coffee.

Grazie mille Marco for putting up with me!!

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  1. That's so Italian. Technology here in Europe is a little...behind to say the least