Thursday, January 22, 2009


last night gabby, caitlin (other roomate) and I went to Tandem, which is organized by Umbria in which americans and italians get together and speak italian/english. we met some really nice people, and afterwards we went to aperitivo at lunabar (a jazz/music/cafe place). some italians invited us to a serata at a cafe near school where the DJ plays rock and not silly techno...which is great. I miss AC/DC. the next meeting is in two weeks, and we are all definitely going!
on another note...we bought our roomates Donatella and Chiara a little bag of chocolates and wrote them a card wishing them good luck on their exams. They are studying engineering and math (respectively) and have been studying quite literally all day and all night. so we wanted to give them a little something-they were really happy :-)


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