Monday, February 16, 2009

Velocissimo update-o

This is a velocissimo update only because there are a couple pictures i need to put up from the weekend. I went to Firenze with Gabby, Monica and three friends Roberto, Giustina and her boyfriend Areg -sorry if i spelled it wrong :-(.
Being in Firenze for Valentines Day was awesome, and everything went really well, and the market...well. I will post up pictures very soon. However, there are two pictures that must be put up. One is of a panorama taken from the top of the campanile of the huge Duomo, and the second is a picture of a group of four italians, who were just standing in a piazza looking at a puppet show. but they sum up the entirety of why this country is awesome.
Enjoy :-)

First panorma.

this is why i love this country. the style, the look, the casual stance, the ridiculous fashion do they do it?! it's so overwhelming.

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  1. Chloe, I love your comment about the four guys in the second picture. In fact, I really like the way you explore this country, your curiosity about the society and the culture, and the fact you are never judgmental or critical in your findings. Enjoy Venezia!