Tuesday, February 10, 2009


SO.Major updates to be done.Chronologically, here it goes: Wednesday we had another Tandem meeting, where I met a really nice guy named Simone, who taught me basically every historical anything about Italy. We discussed the Mafia, how the French have way more in common with Italy (then both would like to admit. For example- the Italians must give the French props for their flag. HA.) and other interesting things, such as dialects. He is from Pulia, and to say 'Andiamo' its something like...um. 'something something amazone'. I'll ask him again so that my story is a little better than that.Then Gabby the roomie met a really nice girl who invited us to aperitivo at her house that evening, and we met her roomates and a couple friends. We talked for hours, they were extremely nice, and I'm sure they are people we will see again. All in all, a very very good day.Thursday class, which was magical (as always), and then that evening Chiara (italian roomie) invited us to go to dinner with her and her friend at this nightclub/cafe place called Velvet. We dressed up really nice, because at this place, you will get stared down if you dress even slightly casual. We got there, and eventually (around 11) the place got full and busy and turned into a night club. it was ALOT of fun, they played lots of good songs and it was really nice to spend time with Chiara. She had just finished some exams and gotten 25 and 27 (both out of 30) on them, so it was time to celebrate.Friday...we went to the Baci factory! Yes, I imagine most of you are mad because you think that the experience was lost on me (being a chocolate factory and all) but it wasn't. It was very cool to see, and I took extra care in enjoying the moment just for all of your sakes. We got TONS, and i literally mean it, TONS of free chocolate. You could just grab handfuls. We watched a documentary on the Bacione, which is in the Guiness book of world records for largest chocolate (weighing in at 6000 kilos). Ew. I mean...delicious! Friday night was a quiet one.Saturday I went to Gubbio, a little medieval town an hour from Perugia with Gabby, Sara and two friends Giustina (polish) and Roberto (chilean). It was a lot of fun, and many pictures will ensue.My ramblings about everything in italy looking like something out of LOTR is officially justified: not only did Gubbio look like Minas Tirith (as did Assisi) but there was also Rivendell, Bilbo's house in Hobbiton, the tree from Minas Tirith AND....a license plate that said 'Orc'. My life is complete.

plans for the future: Firenze saturday to sunday, and next week....VENEZIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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