Monday, February 2, 2009

More Assisi

Here is more Assisi, as promised:

I liked this because it looked like those two people were perched on the edge of an abyss (or a huge cliff, whichever).

Totally not an accidental choice of colors.

3/4 of the roomies!

This panorama is thanks to Caitlin and her wonderful photo stitching skills (Stephan-read my camera manual and tell me how to do that!!)
In other equally exciting news...we have booked an apartment for Venezia for the carnevale. The apartment is for 6 people, and it has a kitchen and it is right on the water. At first we all thought we'd stay in Perugia for the carnevale festivities, but when we started looking up didn't help that I had gone previously for carnevale, and some of my best memories of Italy are from the carneval. So it's official: we are all going!! Next up: finding a memory stick with enough space to hold the enormous amount of pictures I will take.
This week looks to be a rainy one, hopefully we can make Deruta or another little town on Saturday, and on Thursday we are planning to go to an authentic Perugian restaurant. We went to a restaurant called da Caeserino on Friday and it was absolutely delicious (and cheap!).
A presto tutti!!

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