Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ridiculous weather

So. Yesterday morning we woke to fog. complete fog, it was like being in the clouds. then, while leaving class at 5, it was beautiful and sunny, with the beginnings of a really pretty sunset. i walk into the internet point, and an hour and a half later, emerge to go home.
it was hailing. and not kinda hailing, COMPLETELY hailing. the balls of ice are as big as m&ms, and while me and gabby run for cover, i start getting concerned my umbrella will get holes blown straight through it. we hide under an arch for a bit, and during a lull in the hail intensity, we venture out a couple feet, only to be pelted once again by a torrential downpour of hail. now, it takes all our strength and tact to get back up the two steps, because the hail has now made a layer of ice balls that threaten to make both of us fall down the street steps and crumple at the bottom into the middle of a busy intersection.
but, we make it back to the arch, and after a couple minutes, we leave again. we walk down a street which happens to be one way and very very narrow. a bus comes by, and we start to think oh no. its over. we escaped the hail, the thunder storm, and now we are going to get squashed against a wall. we squish ourselves against the wall as much as possible, when the bus reaches us, stops, and the (very cute) driver says something to us. we dont really understand, but wander over to the opposite side of the street, where the bus stops and opens the doors. YAY!
so we hop on. the driver and his (very cute) friend make small talk, where are you from, etc etc. but me and gabby are so frazzled we dont even comprehend whats going on, we just say oh we need to get off at this street here please! and the bus stops, and we hop off into the hail and rain (that had in the meantime decided to start again). then me and gabby look at eachother and realized how we majorly failed the last 15 minutes of our lives. not only two ragazzi talk to us, but the driver stopped the bus in the street solely to pick us up. needless to say, we were very upset by our failure.
and today, we wake up to a gorgeous day. me and caitlin ate lunch on the steps, and while getting ready to pack up, the sky gets pitch black, and we hear rumblings. and then it started to snow and sleet. and here we are now, getting sleeted/snowed on.

all it made me feel really, was miss new england. i miss the snow! i miss leaving the house in the morning with boots and a t-shirt and getting snowed on in the afternoon.
anyways. hopefully the next bus experience will be better (and hopefully no more hail. it hurts)


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